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taking african fashion to the next level


Afriquenista was designed to instill pride in African fashion and culture as a whole also to celebrate the diversity of African culture and fashion. In addition, the project was envisaged to strengthen ties between African countries, also envisaged to create a platform for promoting talent in the fashion and textile industries in Africa. Moreover, the pilot project was to have paved the way for expanding the initiative into the global market. this will give designers/models/vendors  the opportunity to exhibit their extraordinary talents and showcase breathtaking designs, inspired by Africa’s rich and diverse cultures and traditions

I'm very proud of my African heritage and so sometimes I want to go shop for “African stuff ”.I mean stylish, glamorous and exotic pieces to match my lifestyle (ladies you know what I'm talking about, you know those glam African accessories, high fashion magazines,clothes for African events etc) but of course these items can be difficult to find!!

I never see a fair and balanced image of Africa in the media. There are so many more layers to our culture yet all I see when I turn on the television I see images of starving kids surrounded by flies,You've seen the images on tv about africa: the huts, the famine, disease, wars and suffering but they never show you that Africa is beautiful! charity organizations focusing on the helpless few to raise money. This makes me wonder just what part of Africa are they talking about? Don't get me wrong, not to say Africa is perfect in fact far from it, but countries all over the world have people in need. I guess the real point I'm trying to make is that no one ever shows the real beauty of Africa. I just don't get it,even in movies, I watched this movie called Tsotsi and I was like where the f..k is this? I was born and raised in South Africa but yet I couldn't relate to the movie at all?

There's no african fashion magazine/editorial I've seen that has made me proud to be African or represented Africa in a positive way exception arise fashion magazine and BH magazine africa so far these are my favourite african magazines, we need more magazines that showcase how unique our beauty is and offer the real attractions, our culture,our food and of course our lifestyle.


It features fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips, trends, online deals and more in a "magazine you can shop" format. Updated several times daily, Afriquenista aims to pull together the absolute best of online shopping-- from designer deals and hot sales, to contests and GWP offers, to tips on where to buy the latest trends-- and put it all in one convenient place. The goal is to create a site where a busy woman can browse for just 10 minutes during her lunch break and get a range of shopping information that would normally take hours to pull together.

Even though I'm crazy about fashion I'm a very smart shopper. To me if you're beautiful and have have nice body you don't have to try too hard to look beautiful, I don't have to wear brand names all the time to get my shine on. So this blog will also have links for readers to shop for glams latest fashion trends for reasonable prices.

What makes Afriquenista different from other shopping blogs or traditional magazines?

Most shopping blogs or sites supply just one kind of shopping information. For example: reviews of beauty products, coupon codes, hot new fashions, or gift ideas. These sites are great, and quite comprehensive, but to get a wide range of information you'd have to spend hours reading several different sites. Afriquenista provides an extremely well-edited selection of information that spans fashion, beauty, african culture and lifestyle all in one place and features the works of African designers all around the world, exhibiting a taste for the cultural tempered with an appreciation of the varied degrees of influence by the west in today’s fashion.

Welcome & hope you enjoy it.

 So if you have any fashion 411 or products that you think are dope,feel free to send your ideas and any helpful links my way and I will post them for all to see :) email address: afriquenista@yahoo.ca



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